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What is the Driver Impairment Index (DII) and DII-Dr? The Driver Impairment Index (DII) is a California DUI Violator screening test. The DII integrates California's system for determining DUI violator risk, aggravating circumstances, and sentencing with evidence based alcohol and drug measures. The DII-Dr is the DII with a Driver risk scale added.
Who can use the DII and DII-Dr? Targeted California users include courts, probation departments, mental health professionals and California licensed DUI education, counseling and treatment programs.
What makes the DII and DII-Dr different from other DUI tests? These tests integrate California's system or procedures for determining DUI violator risk, penalties and needs with empirically sound alcohol and drug use measures. Its shortness, test administration options and fast, yet accurate, report availability, are ideal for many different assessment settings. A particularly valuable feature is the DII's Truthfulness Scale, which is appreciated by judges, attorneys and DUI evaluators that want confidence in the trustworthiness of DII test results.

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